Macabre Americana is a New York City based folk-fusion band whose music magnifies the dark side of the American dream.




Lacey (guitar, vox, feminist):

Lacey is a nasty woman with a bluesy voice. Stevie Nicks, Janis Joplin, Mavis Staples, Beyonce, Amen.


Laura (cello, vox, tambo, glockenspiel, etc...):

Laura didn't know she could rap until 2017, used to cry to Neil Sedaka records as a child, and has a strong affinity for grandparents. She has had a long term recurring nightmare of getting lost in the woods with her brother.


Blake (keys, vox):

Blake likes storytelling, wandering, dogs, naps, and food. He also did not vote for Donald Trump.   http://www.blakepfeil.com


Willy (drums):

Willy is a Brooklyn native who started drumming at the age of eight. His musical influences include the James Brown Orchestra, Tower of Power, Steely Dan, and his late drum teacher, Dave Ratajczak. Recently, he has taken up baking bread and fearing for planet earth.


John (Bass):

In John's high school yearbook, under future plans it said, "To play guitar in a progessive, new wave punk band." Somehow he ended up in Macabre Americana. Most influential Brians: Eno, Wilson, Ferry.


If ‘American Horror Story’ were a band, it would be Macabre Americana