“American Train”


“Natural Disaster”

the debut releases from MACABRE AMERICANA

...a searing alt-rock track buzzing w/ gritty outlaw rhythms but softened by the lush twang of three-part harmony... laden w/ dark folk rhythms & mesmeric harmony, “American Train” is thick w/ the grit & grime of, well, macabre americana.

“Maxine” is a sweet ode to journalists everywhere… recognizing the great responsibility they bear as writers sworn to uncover the truth… which is exactly what the band accomplishes with every release.

For just over four minutes, the members of Macabre Americana deliver a sparkling composition built on the buzzing wail of cello, tender plink of keys, and percussive shimmers that add another level of floating sweetness behind lead vocalist Laura Dadap’s own sugared pipes.

Macabre Americana is:


a New York City-based folk-fusion collective whose music sheds light on the dark side of the American dream, past and present. 



plays: guitar, vox

is: social media & merch director

and: is a nasty woman with a bluesy voice. stevie nicks, janis joplin, mavis staples, beyonce, amen.


plays: cello, vox, bass, kazoo, glockenspiel, accordion

is: finance & music director

and: used to cry to neil sedaka records as a child and has had a long term recurring nightmare of getting lost in the woods with her brother.


plays: keys, guitar, vox

is: marketing & booking director

and: likes storytelling, wandering, dogs, naps, & food, & one time got arrested in south korea, feel free to ask him about it.


plays: bass, electric guitar

is: technical director

and: in john's high school yearbook, under future plans it says, "to play guitar in a progessive, new wave punk band." somehow he ended up in macabre americana.


plays: rhythm

is: administrative & rehearsal director

and: is a brooklyn native who started drumming at 8. recently, he’s taken up baking bread and fearing for planet earth.

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Current Releases

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